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  • Tax packages
    Each package includes the General Income Tax and Benefit Guide, the T1 return, and related forms and schedules.
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    Forms are printed documents with blank spaces for completing the required information. All form numbers start with a letter (for example, T1-M).
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    Publications provide information on a topic and/or instructions for completing forms.
  • Topic
    Selected forms and publications listed by topic such as: Capital gains, Day care, Registered plans, Moving, and more
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    Selected forms and publications listed by client group such as: Persons with disabilities, Seniors, Students, Non-residents, Visitors to Canada, Employers, Farmers, Fishers, and more.
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    CRA documents listed by type such as: Interpretation Bulletins, Information Circulars, Memoranda, Notices, Info Sheets, Tax forms, guides, pamphlets and schedules, and more.